4am to 8am Lyrics - G Herbo

4am to 8am Lyrics - G Herbo: Presenting the lyrics of the song "4am to 8am" from the Album  PTSD (Deluxe) sung by G Herbo.

4am to 8am Lyrics - G Herbo

...harder shit
And for some reason I feel like they stole my heart and shit
Never seen a ganster like this [?]
[?] parkin' it
Used to be a tourist, broad day, sparkin' it
It ain't shit for me to rap about my life 'cause I'm an artist
I get personal and burn this bitch down like an arsonist
Shine bright because I survived a lot of darkness
When I walk I shake the ground like Parkinsons
Since fourteen, on my back, it been a target
It just make me go harder 'cause I'm the one why you started this shit
You just wanna be a part of this shit
I should've left the streets sooner, I got smart at this shit
Played your cards wrong, your disloyalty, I spotted it
Could of had smoke with whoever, ain't mad that I got it in
Now they change the weather, through the rain, whatever
Supposed to change forever, we could have changed together
I got that butterfly effect, it's like I changed for the better
I don't got no friends in here, nigga, I came for the cheddar
I came with Beretta's, uh, Glocks, etcetera
And we'll pop the messenger, you try and stop from tellin' us
I rose from the cellar, in the bank more than regular
Still got some killers with me that'll rob the register
Mansions, marble floors, penthouses everywhere
[?] but you ain't ever there
Man, I worked my ass off for this shit, I been tellin' ya
Granny, house of sweats on the rug like Angelica
How the fuck you jealous? Why the fuck you yellin'?
You ain't had no millions? How the fuck you chillin'?
And you ain't securin' them? How the fuck you trippin'?
You ain't got security? How the fuck you livin'?
How the fuck you think I did it? By my lone, don't forget it
[?] and leave the stu', it's 8AM but I just woke up finished
Every time they told me I couldn't, I just [?]
Blessed, I got a million dollar mouth but I don't know a dentist...

4am to 8am Lyrics - G Herbo

G Herbo - 4am to 8am Song Details

Song: 4am to 8am
Singer: G Herbo
Album: PTSD (Deluxe)
Release Date: May 29, 2020


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