Aasmaan Lyrics - Trishita

Aasmaan Lyrics - Trishita: Presenting the lyrics of the song "Aasmaan" sung by Trishita.

Aasmaan Lyrics - Trishita

Once there was magic, wandering free
in roads of sky and paths of sea
and in that timeless long gone hour
words of nonsense still had power
doors still flew and birds still talked
witches grinned and giants walked
we had magic wands and magic wings
and we lost our hearts to impossible things
Unbelievable thoughts, unsensible ends
for wizards and warriors might be friends.

In a world where impossible things are true, 
I don't know why we forgot the spell
when we lost the way
how the forest fell
but now we are old, we can vanish too.

And I see once more the invisible track
that will lead us home and take us back
so find your wands and spread your wings

I'll sing your love of impossible things

and when you take my vanished hand, 
we'll both go back to that magic land
where we lost our hearts
several lifetimes ago
when we were wizards, once

Aasmaan Lyrics - Trishita

Trishita - Aasmaan Song Details

Song: Aasmaan
Singer: Trishita

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