Use Your Manners Lyrics - Wiz Khalifa

Use Your Manners Lyrics - Wiz Khalifa: Presenting the lyrics of the song "Use Your Manners" from the Album It’s Only Weed Bro sung by Wiz Khalifa.

Use Your Manners Lyrics - Wiz Khalifa

It's only weed
Don't be rude
Use your manners

Joints get lit
Hate on me, what's the point of it?
These niggas I'm disappointed in
Can't hang with me like an ornament
If she bring a friend, she joining in
My gang official, we born to win
I'm rollin' weed and pourin' gin, woo!
'Nother plane, I board again
I feel the vibe, feel born again
I'm in the sky, I'm soaring in
Got a few vibes, bring 'em foreigns in
Valet be gettin' the door for him
She get them ones off the floor for them
Makin' these lil' niggas forfeit
If I ain't rappin', that mean I'm tourin'
Show up, I'm very important
They be like "It say Young Khalifa?", of course it is
Grindin', you don't have to force the kid
Marry the game, won't force the bitch
Makin' the money, you never make me
On top of game, you could never play me
I was at class, next to JAY-Z
Smoking a joint with Nas' beats
Took off the Celine's, A1's on my feet
I'm rollin' a J, my night is complete

I'm really realising that I'm the man
That if I really wanna do it, I can
I'm smoking that gas, I share with my fam
My foot on the gas, I stick to the plan
You don't know me personal, please don't call me Cam
And if you do, then some weed should be in your hand
I turn to the boss, got tired of the middle-man
I smoke when I want, roll up even in Japan
You hear me talk it, I live it
It's all 100, I don't got a gimmick
Pullin' my card and I don't got no limit
Rollin' the chronic up, bomb like a chemist
Way that I ball, I might end up in Guinness
I know they prolly think I'm a magician
Walk in and leave out with all of the bitches
I'm at the top, I don't see competition
If she with me, when I talk, she gon' listen
Wired to the money, do not give it distance
Gettin' some millions, I got them intentions
And know I came from the bottom, my name at the top and I don't even ask for permission
And they all lining up, asking for pictures
Hard to imagine this life that I'm living

Use Your Manners Lyrics - Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa - Use Your Manners Song Details

Song: Use Your Manners
Singer: Wiz Khalifa
Album: It’s Only Weed Bro
Written By: Wiz Khalifa
Release Date: February 11, 2020


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